Billed as “the funniest widow on earth”, Carol is a dynamic speaker and entertainer who specializes in empowering those who have suffered a loss by bringing humor back into their lives.

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Carol is often featured as a keynote speaker and entertainer for bereavement groups around the country and regularly leads workshops at both large conferences and smaller events. She is on television, radio and in printed publications as a special guest and expert panelist.

Carol’s Topics Include:

  • Be the boss of your loss
  • Feeling and dealing and finding the funny along the way
  • You’ve lost your spouse, not yourself
  • The healing power of humor
  • How to be a Healthy & Happy Widow
  • Attendees at Carol’s events are always surprised that they leave laughing and feeling more optimistic about their future. As for Carol, she finds nothing more satisfying than seeing the positive impact she makes on the lives of those who have also suffered a loss.
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