Television appearance

Saturday, April 30th
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
337 West 59th Street NYC

Will be talking about loss of my spouse and sharing the stage with Lynda Cheldelin Fell (loss of a child) and Linda Bateman Gomez (loss of infant) Sounds gloomy and sad but many upbeat and funny moments, too. Our hosts Dr. Gloria Horsley and her daughter Dr. Heidi Horsley always makes the show entertaining and unforgettable.


Television Appearance

Saturday, June 18th
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
537 West 59th Street NYC

This show will be fun! My boyfriend, Mickey Bayard, who has been a widower for over 20 years (brought up his two terrific daughters alone) will join me to talk about our relationship. Oh, my...Mickey is a ridiculously funny guy (almost as funny as me...) and of course, our hosts, Dr. Gloria Horsley and her daughter, Dr. Heidi Horsley will ask us personal and pointed questions that  we will try to wiggle out of answering.  Watch us sweat!

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