Aren’t There Different Kinds of Intelligence?

No. That’s what they tell you when you’re really not that smart. And, you fall for it because you’re really not that smart. ‘They’ shout out the following a little too loudly and just a tinge too enthusiastically.

~Billy is always right on time!

~ She’s a people person!

~ You should hear her sing!

~ She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body!

~ That’s just his way!

~ You can count on Jennifer!

~ God broke the mold when he made her!

~ Sally never gives up!

Here’s a quick story about five year old me. The fact that I’m only moderately intelligent makes this anecdote even more remarkable.

I was in kindergarten and Linda Tannenbaum and I were fooling around so the teacher made us sit out in the hall until we could “control ourselves.” It felt like it was getting later and later, although, we didn’t know for sure. We didn’t have a watch and we didn’t need one. We couldn’t tell time. We were five.

At any rate,  Linda and I were sitting on the floor across from one another when the door opened and our teacher appeared. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but I do know that I was thinking,

She’s being nice to us because she forgot us and she’s afraid we’re going to go home and tell our mommies.

I remembered this experience when my own children turned five.  It was clear to me how aware they were of other people’s intentions. This helped to guide my parenting.  Knowing they’ll know I’m just pretending to listen to them,  I decided to take acting lessons. 

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  1. Brill…

  2. It took me awhile, to realize that your comment, “Brill…” means “Brilliant.” Or, does, it? Is your hand tired or is this a test? Either way, thanks that you commented. I love comments!

  3. Jyssica says:

    When I was 5, I was laying down for naptime in Kindergarten and I couldn’t sleep. I found a popcorn kernel on the floor and started putting in and taking it out of my ear. No clue why, I was a small, dumb child.
    It went too far in and I couldn’t get it out. But then naptime ended and I forgot about it. 3 years later I was hanging out with my mom in a library at the University of Louisville when I had sudden pain and fell to the floor screaming.
    Mom took my to a doctor and I had a ruptured ear drum. The doctor cleaned out my ears and a big black chunk of something came out eventually. The doctor scraped at it to see what it was.
    It was the popcorn kernel of yesteryear.
    No one was pleased. I thought it was funny.

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